Anna Gawboy

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Anna Gawboy received her doctorate from Yale University and is now an Assistant Professor of Music at Ohio State University. Her work explores the intersection of music theory, cultural history, and performance. Since 2010, she has collaborated with the lighting designer Justin Townsend to create new interpretations of Alexander Scriabin’s futuristic colour symphony Prometheus, Poem of Fire, based on careful readings of the score and manuscript sources. Townsend and Gawboy have performed Prometheus with the Yale Symphony Orchestra conducted by Toshiyuki Shimada (2010) and the Cape Cod Symphony conducted by Jung Ho Pak (2012). Gawboy has published articles in a variety of journals, including Journal of Music Theory and (with Townsend) Music Theory Online. She is currently working on a book that traces the literary and mystic sources of Scriabin’s synaesthetic vision.