Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie

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Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie studied Art History, Classical Archaeology, Christian Archaeology and Ancient History at Bonn University, Germany. After her MA in Byzantine Architecture she wrote a PhD on Byzantine jewellery which has won her two academic awards: the Juliana-Anicia-Prize in 2007 (Spätantike Archäologie und Byzantinische Kunstgeschichte e.V., Munich University) and the Walther-Liebehenz-Prize in 2008 (Walther-Liebehenz-Stiftung, Göttingen University). She turned her PhD into a book in 2011 (Byzantinischer Schmuck des 9. bis frühen 13. Jahrhunderts, Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden). Antje is a member of the academic staff at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany, teaching and researching. Currently, she is preparing a publication on Late Byzantine goldsmiths’ works. She is joint manager of an interdisciplinary project with the aim to edit a Byzantine treatise on goldsmithing which will also be accompanied by experimental archaeology. Besides her book on Byzantine jewellery she has published extensively on Byzantine jewellery and goldsmiths’ works and the material culture of Byzantine magic. Her current research focuses on Byzantine ornaments, the material culture of exchange in the middle ages, focusing on luxury arts as well as the exchange of knowledge, and ‘technical art history’.