Cavan McLaughlin

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Cavan McLaughlin is a Senior Lecturer in Media Production at the University of the West of England (UWE), with research interests related to the role and function of occulture. He has published on Crowley, solar symbolism and narrative, open source occultism, and contemporary occulture. Currently undertaking a PhD entitled ‘Occultural Production as Re-visionary Mythmaking,’ he is also a practicing filmmaker, artist and all-round creative media practitioner. As a media professional of over sixteen years he has been involved in almost all aspects of audiovisual production, specialising in video art, promotional music videos and album-sleeve artwork. He is the founder of Trans- States, a transdisciplinary conference series and research network exploring occultism, mysticism, shamanism and other esoteric and spiritual practices in contemporary occulture ; and, he is co-founder, and editorial board member, of Monad: Journal of Transformative Practice . He has a profound affection for cows, fungi and rainbows.