Edward Gauntlett

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Edward Gauntlett has been interested in magick since the early 1970s when he discovered a small cache of books by Crowley and Eliphas Levi, a couple of packs of Tarot cards and some magical equipment packed up out of sight at the family home. Over the following years he followed a number of paths, largely as a solitary practitioner, always orbiting and returning to Crowley and Grant, finally joining the Typhonian Order. He has written several articles, including two published in Abraxas, and the books Shades in Mauve and Scales of the Serpent, both published by Von Zos. Alongside the Typhonian Tradition and the work of Kenneth Grant Edward has a particular interest in the Symbolists and the 19th Century French occult revival. He continues to write and is also a freelance indexer and proof-reader. He holds a Masters degree in Literature, Religion and Philosophy from the University of Sussex.