Ian MacFadyen

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Ian MacFadyen is a writer, independent scholar and visual artist. He co-edited Naked Lunch @50: Anniversary Essays (2009) with Professor Oliver Harris, and co-authored William S. Burroughs: Cut (2013) with Professor Axel Heil. A number of his essays are archived online at the site RealityStudio: A William S. Burroughs Community, including The Mouth Inside: The Voices Of Naked Lunch, a collaboration with the artist Phil Wood. His work has been published in Flickers Of The Dreamachine (1996), Shamanic Warriors Now Poets (2003), Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies (2011), Licking The Skull (2000) and Ira Cohen: Into The Mylar Chamber (2019). He has given talks on the work of Bruce Conner, Tony Conrad, Donald Cammell and Anna Mendelssohn, among others, at the ZKM (Karslruhe), the Parasol Unit Foundation (London), the University of Chicago in Paris, the Vienna Poetry School, and the Vurige Tongen Festival in Ruigoord.