Joanna Pallaris

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Joanna Pallaris is an artist working primarily in analogue photography. Her intuitive, personal work and observations of nature search to reconnect to the anima (soul) of all things.

After graduating from Camberwell College of Arts (London) with BA (Hons) in Illustration she completed courses in Gum Bichromate, Toning and Wet-plate collodion. Joanna spent 2011-2019 living in the mountains surrounding the Amalfi Coast, a modest existence which allowed her to immerse herself in, and capture the raw beauty of nature.

Joanna hand-prints all of her work in the darkroom. She often tones her images so there are slight variations in every print, adding a unique quality to her photographs.

She is attached to the magic, depth and sensitivity that film offers, as she explains: ‘Analogue photography keeps my sense of wonder alive. With double-exposures I can layer these ‘little skins’ (from the Latin ‘pellicula’) and explore this mysterious realm where spirits meet.’

It is mystery – things cannot always be described in words—that is the driving force behind her work. Her mantra is, as Diane Nemerov, said; ‘to shake the tree of life and bring down fruits unheard of.’

Joanna has had solo exhibitions in London and Italy.