Justin Patrick Moore

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Justin Patrick Moore is a student of the Mysteries. He is an apprentice Green Wizard of the ‘Down Home Punk’ style. He works across the mediums of writing, radio and transmission arts, and music. His fiction has appeared in Flurb: a Webzine of Astonishing Tales edited by cyberpunk stalwart Rudy Rucker and in the anthology Love in the Ruins edited by druid extraordinaire John Michael Greer. His non-fiction has appeared in Abraxas:International Journal of Esoteric Studies and in Witches & Pagans Magazine, and he was a presenter at the Esoteric Book Conference in 2011. As a transmission artist Justin has been a host and programmer on a number of different radio programs, starting with The Psychedelicatessin on the pirate station Anti-Watt in Yellow Springs, Ohio. At community station WAIF in Cincinnati he was a regular programmer on the Art Damage show and hosted On the Way to the Peak of Normal. During this time he played in experimental music outfit Neato Torpedo. Unable to shake the radio habit he is still an occasional host of Trash Flow Radio and also has a segment called the Radiophonic Laboratory on shortwave program Free Radio Skybird. A hopeless addict to the airwaves he is a licensed amateur radio operator with the callsign KE8COY. He lives with his wife in Cincinnati, Ohio and earns his keep working in the catalog department of the Public Library.