M. E. Warlick

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M. E. Warlick, Ph.D., Professor of European Modern Art at the University of Denver, teaches classes on 18th through 20th century European art. She has received DU’s Distinguished Professor Award (1991), and served as University Professor of the Arts and Humanities (1997-2000). Her books include: Max Ernst and Alchemy (University of Texas Press, 2001) and The Philosopher’s Stones (1997), rev. ed. The Alchemy Stones (2002). She has published on surrealist art and the occult, and on alchemical imagery from antiquity through the mid-17th century, analysed through a feminist lens, with articles in the Art Journal, Art Bulletin, Glasgow Emblem Studies, Culture and Cosmos, and in several anthologies published by the Association for the Study of Esotericism. Her essay on “Surrealism and Alchemy,” appeared in the Art and Alchemy exhibition catalogue (Düsseldorf: Museum Kunstpalast, 2014). She is currently writing a book entitled Alchimia: Women, Gender and Sexuality in Alchemical Imagery.