Ryan M. Pfeiffer

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Ryan M. Pfeiffer is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and curator who lives and works in Chicago, IL. He holds a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His artworks have been exhibited internationally at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Singapore), Breese Little (London), Abbaye Saint–Magloire (France), The International Museum of Surgical Science (Chicago) LAXART (Los Angeles), 80 WSE Gallery (New York), among others. His works and exhibitions have been included in The New City, The New York Times, Artforum, The Center for Extreme Anthropologie, and the Religious Studies Review Journal. In addition, he has been an editor and contributing writer to the following publications and zines: Delineatas Magicae Mysticum Cacas, Vol. I-IV; Ape Piss Press, 2013; Metal & Meat: A Glimpse into the Chicago Underground, Dead Publications, 2012; and Goat Fucker Comix, Co-Founder, Vol. I-III, 2010-2013. His primary focus is a collaborative practice with his partner Rebecca Walz. Their artworks draw upon their combined interests in prehistoric & ancient art, archeo-anthropology, mythology, and historical erotica.