Abraxas Journal #1

Edited by Robert Ansell and Christina Oakley Harrington

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Abraxas Issue #1 offers 128 large format pages of essays, poetry, interviews and art. Printed using state-of-the-art offset lithography to our usual high standard. Includes a Manifesto for Abraxas, printed in letterpress.

Customer comments from 2009

“Yesterday I received the ‘Abraxas’ journal and I must say that it is one of the most beautiful publications that you’ve published. The pages are so tight, the artwork is so alive and the whole journal is vibrating with energy…”

“It is a sheer feast for the eyes alone!”

“It is truly beautiful. I have for a long time searching for something like this… I am of no traditional line of knowledge, more like the psychedelic free-form ritual of alone-in-the-dark-forest, make-your-own-way-through-the-chaos thingy. My mind has been through times of “are there no others, is all this my imagination?” … As time has passed, I have met the others, and I see now, that there are alot of us (and when we get down to the details, maybe all of us, reflecting each other?) This is a timely journal, highly sought after, at least by me and probably a whole lot of other people… it will be a pleasure to dig through this treasure trove.”

“I have recently purchased this! I have to say that the articles are fantastic. I am particularly interested in Schulke’s piece; I love working with plants! I have yet to read the rest, but I am looking forward to Stuart’s article; it sounds interesting! The artist in me salivated at the Surrealist approach to the ‘zine; I even felt a hint of Dadaism in there too! Anyway, I absolutely recommend buying it; it is well worth the money. I have yet to read a magazine publication on this subject that looks and feels like a glossy mag with the same content calibre as The Cauldron! This Mag is literally the only one that has that!”

“…the production value is fantastic, the articles of the highest quality & as a when-its-gone-its-gone journal it’s bound to leap to unobtainable prices eventually, so get it whilst you can!!!”



12 colour | 26 black and white
English text


Editorial, Robert Ansell
The Green Intercessor: Tutelary Spirits and the Transmission of Plant-Magic, Daniel A. Schulke
Caveat Anonyter! A Study of Flying Ointments and their Plants, Sarah Penicka-Smith
Sorceries of the Threshold: Transgression into the Between States, Anon
The Uncertainty of Illumination: Gnosis and Epistemology in Traditional Craft, Stuart Inman
Lucifer by Starlight. An Interview with Francesco Parisi, Robert Ansell
The Third Eye: The Fantastic World of Lobsang Rampa, Phil Hine
Transmutations of Good and Evil: Alchemy, Witchcraft and the Graal in the Work of Arthur Machen, Edward Gauntlett
Skip Witches, Hop Toads, Stephen Grasso
A Dream of Witchcraft Turned to Nightmare: The Five Witches of Albrecht Durer, John Callow
On Sappho, James Butler
The Dark Flood – Rebecca Beattie


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