Abraxas Journal Special #1: Charming Intentions

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Our first Special Issue of Abraxas Journal offers 128 large format pages of essays and art drawn from selected papers presented at the 2012 University of Cambridge Conference, Charming Intentions: Occultism, Magic and the History of Art. The entire issue is richly illustrated in full colour and includes many images published for the first time, including (in something of an exclusive) wonderful close-up studies of the Ripley Scrolls.

The hardback issue is limited to just 300 copies, bound in pure white silken cloth blocked in rich black with an image of a ‘Puleeta (or, Lamp Charm) for casting out devils’, taken from Ja’Far Sharif’s Islam in India, 1921. The endpapers are in black linen-effect. There is also a custom fitted dust-jacket that mirrors the design of the paperback issue with a reproduction of a protective talisman by Victor Brauner, Objet de Coutre-Envoutement, 1943.



37 colour images | 14 black and white
English text


Edited by Judith Noble and Daniel Zamani

Introduction – Daniel Zamani
Impurity, Auspiciousness and Power: The Tantric Transformations of Lajja Gauri at Kamakhya – Imma Ramos
A Printed Islamic Amulet – Shandra E. Lamaute
Homo Signorum: Looking to God or Looking to the Stars? The Role of the Body in Medieval Christianity – Monika Winiarczyk
Speculum Lapidum: Some Reflections on Sixteenth-Century Intaglios and Astral Magic – Liliana Leopardi
Open Secrets: Alchemical–Hermetic Imagery in the Ripley Scrolls – Alexandra Marraccini
Unseen Spirits? Occult Tradition in Italian Futurist Art and Theory – Lisa Hanstein
The Magician Triumphant: Occultism and Political Resistance in Victor Brauner’s Le Surréaliste, (1947) – Daniel Zamani
The Magic of Time and Space: Occultism in the Films of Maya Deren – Judith Noble


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