The Blazing Dew of Stars



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With The Blazing Dew of Stars, artist and author David Chaim Smith has given us an expression of ecstatic mysticism in tangible form. It introduces the practice of kabbalistic contemplative alchemy (Iy’yun) by example, through linguistic and graphic constructions. The outer dimensions are intellectual, but its inner life offers an array of subtle resonances which can be unveiled layer after layer, distilling the ‘dew’ of gnostic realization which accumulates with wonder, beauty nd astonishment. An expression of this rare path, The Blazing Dew of Stars stands alone in an age when such things are seldom seen, or experienced.

One becomes easily lost in the breeding ground of all revelation and paradox.  This mystery can be masked, overshadowed and corrupted by what seems to be. ‘What seems’ and ‘what is,’ both concepts must melt away, the clenched hand must let go of even being a hand. This is the radical invitation of Smith’s work, to not only let go of our concepts of spirituality, known and unknown, but to let go of concept itself. Let go of let go. 

David Metcalfe – Reality Sandwich


69 black and white
English text



  1. Reaching Beyond God
  2. The Blazing Dew of Stars
  3. Unfurling the Dream Fire
  4. Seal of the Impossible
  5. Dead Dreams Awaken the Sleeping Bride
  6. The Intoxicating Nectar of Vision
  7. The Metacartograph
  8. The Enthroning of the Blaze
  9. Call
  10. The Middle Pillar Yichud
  11. Perpetually Poised to Wave Yourself Goodnight




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