Voudon Gnosis

David Beth


Preface by Michael Bertiaux

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There exists a tradition of gnosis and sorcery which is unique in contemporary esotericism. Unfolding from within an exotic lineage of initiatic Haitian voudon, empowered and enriched by a variety of occult and Gnostic systems, the ever evolving world of Esoteric Voudon, or Voudon Gnosis, has intrigued and unsettled magical practitioners, scholars and artists for decades. This book is the first comprehensive treatise of the fascinating spiritist realms which constitute the highly practical system of Voudon Gnosticism. From sexual magic to fetich sorcery, from the qliphotic realms on the Tree of Death, to Esoteric Love and Time-Travelling. David Beth leads us towards making contact with the darkest levels and most ancient forms of consciousness and power.


2 colour | 23 black and white
English text


Foreword – Michael Bertiaux
Ho ohis ho archaios
Voudon Gnosis
La prise des yeux
Le nid de serpents and Points Chaud
Elemental Sexual Magic
The Grimoire Ghuedhe
Le temple des Houdeaux
Mo Ayon: The Dark Doctrine
The Cult of Juju Rouge
Epilogue: Living the dream images

I. A-more: an initiated analysis of love
II. Rituals


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